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Seattle DUI lawyer

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20 Day Rule for DUI in WA

When you get your license in Washington State, you sign a document stating that you agree to not drive drunk and that you will consent to a breath or blood test if an officer believes you to be driving under the influence. In practice, this means that if you get pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, you must take a test to measure your BAC. If you fail the test or refuse to take it, your license will be suspended within 60 days of your arrest. Because driving is considered a privilege, not a right, you are not entitled to due process when it comes to license suspension. Regardless, you still have the option to request a hearing regarding the license suspension with the Department of Licensing closest to the location of your incident, be it Everett, Olympia, Bremerton or anywhere in between.

Our Seattle DUI Lawyer Can Help You File for a Hearing

The 20 Day Rule is a rule limiting the amount of time you have to file for this hearing. As the name implies, you have 20 days to contest your suspension. A Seattle 20 day rule DUI lawyer can help you file for a hearing and represent you in front of the DOL committee. The License Review Hearing can not only give you a chance to save your driving privileges, it can also allow your Seattle DUI attorney to present the facts of your case and examine the arresting officer prior to your criminal trial date. Essentially, it’s like providing a practice trial to your drunk driving defense lawyer in King County.

Contact Our DUI Attorney

If you have been charged with drinking and driving, contact a DUI defense attorney in Seattle, WA immediately. offer free initial consultations and case evaluations to residents throughout Seattle & its neighboring counties.

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