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Seattle DUI lawyer

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Seattle Breath Test Lawyer

A friend of mine in Tacoma recently asked me if he should have refused the breathalyzer test when he was arrested for a DUI. If we were living anywhere outside of Washington State, my answer would most likely be a resounding “no.” Unfortunately, as a Washington drunk driving defense attorney, I know our state’s punishments for refusal can frequently be worse than failing a breath test. As a Seattle breath test lawyer, I urge all residents of Seattle, Washington to take the breathalyzer test in the police station when requested to do so.

Please be advised though, you should refuse the portable breathalyzer used by officers while they are arresting you. Implied consent laws do not cover portable breath analyzers. These devices are used in addition to the regular, in-station breath test you will be offered and they will do nothing more than offer additional evidence against you.

Our Seattle DUI Attorney Will Look for Errors in Procedure

Breath tests are generally an accurate measure of a person’s blood alcohol concentration, but they are far from fool-proof. In order to ensure maximum effectiveness of the station’s breath testing machine, the DataMaster or DataMaster CDM, our state has set up stringent guidelines regarding their usage. A skilled DUI defense attorney in Olympia will always scrutinize the breath test you were given, ensuring no errors affected your results. & Associates will always check the officer’s operating procedure and the repair, calibration and maintenance records of the device.

During your trial, a Seattle breath test attorney can call in breath test experts to testify against the potential flaws breathalyzers are susceptible to. If you had burped or vomited before your test, for example, the machine will read your mouth alcohol, rather than your deep-lung alcohol. If you were suffering from a fever or if you had recently ate, the test results may show up inaccurately. There are a multitude of other factors that can deem your test results inadmissible, contact a DUI attorney for more information.

If you have any questions, or would like to set up your free initial consultation, call today to speak with a qualified Seattle DUI lawyer. Remember, just because you failed a breath test doesn’t mean you lost your DUI trial.

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