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Seattle DUI lawyer

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Seattle DUI Blood Test Lawyer

While blood tests are far more accurate than breath tests for measuring a person’s BAC, our state only allows blood tests be performed in a limited number of circumstances. Generally, a person will need to take a breath test if they are incapable to take a breath test or if the officer suspects they have been driving under the influence of drugs. Additionally, Washington State law permits the involuntary withdrawal of blood from anyone unconscious or under arrest for vehicular homicide or assault.

Our Seattle DUI Attorney Will Question the Blood Test Procedure

Although blood tests are very accurate, an experienced Seattle DUI blood test lawyer, such as , will always investigate the blood draw to ensure all of the legal requirements for this type of test have been met. A blood test can only be performed by a registered doctor or nurse, or someone who has a blood alcohol analyst permit signed by the State Toxicologist. Additionally, your blood sample must be stored in a tube containing an anti-coagulant and a preservative to ensure the quality of the specimen for up to three months. Because the state must meet this requirement, your drunk driving defense attorney in Tacoma will have the ability to hire an independent technician to ensure the accuracy of the blood sample test. If this re-test does not match the state’s test or if any of the conditions of the test have not been met, your results may be inadmissible as evidence in court. Additionally, if you have any medical conditions that may reduce the accuracy of the test, like diabetes, your results will be disputable by your lawyer.

If the main evidence against you in your Bremerton DUI case is a positive blood test, contact an experienced DUI defense attorney in Seattle, WA. Call today to schedule a free initial consultation and case evaluation with your Seattle DUI attorney.

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