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In the One Leg Stand Test, an officer will ask the suspect to lift either foot in front of them approximately six inches while keeping their arms at their side. They will ask the driver to keep their eyes on that foot and then count, until told to stop. As you take the test, the officer will evaluate your ability to follow directions, maintain balance, keep your eyes on your foot and hold your arms at your side. While these tests are at least 65% accurate in a laboratory setting, Seattle DUI one legged stand test lawyer wants you to know, this test is much less accurate in practice.

You may notice there are some easy ways for a person to fail this test, particularly if he or she is nervous, ill or tired. Any drunk driving defense attorney in King County will tell you these tests are far from fool-proof. Additional factors that may affect a person’s ability to pass the test include poor weather, excessive traffic, improper footwear, broken pavement and hills. Any of these factors can cause a person to lose focus or balance. Our DUI defense attorneys in Washington State are aware of these inconsistencies

Remember, these tests are voluntary and you cannot be forced to take them. If you did take the test and failed, contact a Seattle DUI attorney from . We offer services to DUI suspects in Tacoma, Olympia, Everett, Bremerton, Bellevue and everywhere in between.

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