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Seattle DUI lawyer

Tacoma Walk and Turn Test DUI Attorney

During a Walk and Turn Test, the officer will ask the driver to walk in a straight line, heel to toe for nine steps, then turn -while keeping one foot on the line using small steps with the other foot, and then return in the same manner. The suspect must keep their arms at their side the whole time. Sometimes the officer will ask the person to walk on a real line, such as a highway line and other times, there will be no line to follow –providing some people a definite advantage. During the test, the officer will make sure your arms stayed at your sides, you took only nine steps, your feet stayed heel to toe, you turned in the instructed manner and you did not lose your balance. Tacoma Walk and Turn Test DUI lawyer knows the laboratory testing of this exercise shows it to be 68% accurate. But in the field, that number drops significantly.

A drunk driving defense lawyer in King County should be able to tell if there are any reasons for your test to be less accurate than 68%. Test takers can easily be distracted by traffic, illness, exhaustion, nervousness and more. Additionally, poor weather and improper footwear can make the test much more difficult. DUI defense lawyers in Washington State know that even with officer testimony regarding your “failure” of this test, you still have a strong case.

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